Saturday, April 17, 2010


QB Photoshoot !! Yeah BABY

So yeah I tried to get Quinnchilla to take some pics with me. .....yeah he doesn't like being "normal" apparently.
LOL...oh well :)

HA!! Finall
y got one! Yes!!


HERE's the Apartment
Living Room & Kitchen

Door that doesn't touch the ground :)


Bedroom...yeah I know it's pretty bare..oh well


He was so sweet to me on Valentine's Day.

He asked me to take something out of the freezer to thaw for later that day...HA HA Then I found all of this in there!

My favorite part was the card. He wrote a full length love letter on the back.....SO CUTE!!!

Here is the day of the lama...yes random lamas on campus.

Thanks to mom and every other crazy who responded to the call, I am now known as "Lama-Girl".

You are all so silly!

This is one of the million days of SNOW!! Yeah I have holes in my shoes.... SO awesome.

Meet my CHEM professor Dr. Wood...he's crazy, he's fun! He yells out random exclamations like "Wammo KaBlammo!", or my favorite, "KaJunk!" and does magic shows while dancing around :)

This is him on St. Pattrick's Day. Yup same thing he wore as a BYU undergrad in the 70's. Lol.

Here's one that cracked us all up....look at the board. He was trying to draw a series of dams to liken it to the electron transport system. His misspelling had us all laughing....though he did not realize it heh heh!! Gotta love it!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Starting out

--Starting our New Life--

We moved up to Utah on New Year's Day. Quinn's parents helped us so much as they helped us load everything, drive up, and then unload everything.

This is a picture of our first meal in our new apartment with a cardboard box as our table......yes it was awesome.

We didn't have too much time to move in as school started a couple days later.

I'm taking a Organic-Biochemistry class which will be sure to kill me. Luckily I have one class with Quinn every day, so that makes it bearable. He helps a lot! He tells me not to freak out and makes me lunches :) I am way too lucky!

Wish us Luck!!



Hey everyone, I just wanted to share with y'all about our Honeymoon.
The first day, we went to Sea World where I saw

Shamu, Dolphins, and two men cussing eachother out. We were exhausted after a while and decided to go to our hotel.

We stayed at the Hyatt, which totally rocked.
This is the view from our room, including an ocean scene.

The Next day, we went to San Juan Capistrano and walked the beach looking for seashells. This was actually our favorite day. Quinn saw a huge group of seagulls sitting on the beach and suggested that I chase I did. As soon as I ran over there, they all flew up at once into the sky. It looked really cool until I noticed that most of them were dropping an alarming amount of a greyish white substance, and I happened to be under them all. I had to evade them as I ran away.
The next day we went to Disneyland where we got to ride a ton of rides like Splash Mountain (Quinn's favorite....he was nice enough to sit in front so I wouldn't have to get wet) and Space Mountain (My favorite....sadly it made Quinn sick).

Quinn had a lot of fun with the shooting game in Frontier Land.

We also saw a little girl have the craziest tantrum ever! She was screaming, beating on her mother, and repeatedly throwing her mother's stuff around. Even after the father came along and broke up the scuffle, the little girl continued screaming unintelligibles with a pointed finger fixed in her mother's direction!

We had an awesome time :)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Fall Semester

-------------Quick Summary of the Fall-----------------

So most of you complained that I did not keep up on blogging so here is one big BLOG for you. Here are the highlights from Fall.

So the semester started out with Quinn tearing his ACL playing basketball.
2 weeks later, he underwent surgery where they repaired his ACL, a meniscus, and had a menisectomy.

So, needless to say, he was riding shopping carts for a while.

I got to nurse him back to health....

although I kept accidentally running into his leg.

We spent a lot of time at physical therapy

No, he is not posing :)

At one point, Quinn took me to a bridal fair because he thought it would be fun for me.

He even entered into a pie-eating contest to try to win me something. This pie was wretched! It was a sugar-free chocolate pie. The poor guy tried his best but ended up with pie way up his nose and a strong desire to vomit. He did however win a coupon for some money off a wedding dress at David's Bridal. He was still positive about it saying , "Well at least it got you that coupon". I felt bad because I didn't end up getting my dress from that place.

At Halloween, we carved a pumpkin and dressed up as a vampire and a dead nurse.....why not?

Funny Story:

Quinn took me to Homecoming since he didn't get to in highschool. We got all dressed up and went down to a reception hall in Spanish Fork where it was being held. As we walked inside, we noticed there were elderly in attendance and little children. "Well, that certainly is odd", we thought. We continue on in and see a beautiful cake, which also seemed odd. Then I saw a woman in a big, white dress.....uh oh! (Quinn thought it was a girl getting extra use out of her wedding dress by wearing it at homecoming) Then we noticed a video playing of that woman and a man getting married !!! We promptly left when we realised that we had just crashed a wedding!!! We laughed so hard when we got out the doors. Sadly, homecoming had been held the previous night :( So, Quinn had the awesome idea of having our own homecoming. He took me to a park where we danced all by ourselves to an ipod playlist. It was freezing, but we had the best time ever!

Then the time came to go down to AZ to get ready for the wedding. My favorite part wass spending time with the family, especially Rose's kids. These are some of the cute Kaden pics.